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Located within M. Judson Booksellers, Greenville’s downtown independent bookstore, Camilla Kitchen is the literary cafe serving stories you can taste, in an effort to feed both minds and bellies. Honoring our Patron Saint Mary Camilla Judson’s example of doing it all, exceptionally well, and with a flair, we feature unique coffee drinks, a plethora of baked goods, an ever-changing lunch menu, and a curated selection of wine and beer. But that’s just the start.
Teryi Youngblood Musolf

Teryi Youngblood Musolf

Meet Our Chef

Teryi Youngblood Musolf rocked our world from the very beginning. To say we were fans of Teryi’s before she joined Camilla Kitchen is a bit of an understatement. Well, maybe more than a bit. In fact, we were such superfans that we invited Teryi to do our very first Sunday Sit Down Supper in October of 2015 with the amazing Pat Conroy and it was a smashing success. She’s been an important part of our story all along. The stars aligned in absolute perfection last December, and Teryi officially assumed the helm of Camilla Kitchen, a special role only she could fill. Teryi’s food is spectacular, but the fit with her and M.Judson is so much more than that. She’s our people. She delights in creating new dishes, collaborating with other local businesses, and telling stories about people who have inspired her. She has a big laugh and a bigger heart. We are the luckiest kitchen in town.

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