Local Sources

Mission Grape

South Carolina

You may have noticed that for a bookstore, we sell a fair share of wine. We don’t just think that the two go well together (though we do), we think that the stories within the wines–their makers and vineyards, the vines and climate–give them just as much a spot on our shelves as the stories we preserve in ink. All our wines are brought to you by Mission Grape: a local wine distributor focused on high-quality wine. We are proud that our wines are all sourced through Mission Grape. This isn’t mass-produced, soulless stuff. It’s brought to market by small-grower, biodynamic, family farms: people who love people, and wine.

LaRue Fine Chocolates

Greenville, SC

We offer some of LaRue’s chocolates, but you have to go visit the store itself. Started by our dear friend Elizabeth McDaniel, LaRue creates chocolates made with expertise, creativity, and some old-fashioned female gumption. But she knows life is more than a box of chocolates. Her shop is rounded out into a welcoming neighborhood nook featuring fine chocolates, craft cocktails, small bites, camaraderie, and conversation.


Charleston, SC

These teas, toddies, and wassails are American-made and hand-packed, and you can taste the difference. We love pairing a cup of tea with a book, but these teas come with their own stories. Oliver Pluff & Company asked the question, “What teas were thrown in the harbor during the Boston Tea Party?” They sought the tea gardens that supplied the British East India Company in the 17th and 18th centuries, and then recreated those blends in order to share a cup of history with you!


Asheville, SC
A writer having an extensive and colorful vocabulary is akin to a cook having a well-stocked spice cabinet. Stock your pantry with over 100 fresh herbs and spices through the more than 30 original Spicewalla blends. Growing up in India, Mehrwan Irani was raised in the proud family tradition of growing, gathering, grinding, and combining spices for his grandmother’s recipes. Now a five-time James Beard Award nominee for Best Chef in the Southeast and founder of Chai Pani, Irani has founded Spicewalla in order to bring that same passion, expertise, and creativity to spices in both professional and home kitchens.
Spice Walla
Mamma Mochas Coffee Roaster

Mama Mocha

There’s a reason our coffee is amazing: Mama Mocha. Started by matriarch Sarah Gill, Mama Mocha is the result of more than 20 years in the coffee business. Starting as a barista at 16 years old, Sarah later began roasting her own beans in small batches. She now roasts over 300 pounds of coffee per day, with the help of her husband, son, and twins. It’s a family venture, and it’s local to our sister-store in Auburn, Alabama, so it’s a family venture for us too. When you combine passion, family, and coffee, you really can’t go wrong.

Matcha Nude

Asheville, SC
We love Matcha Nude because finding organic, pure matcha that tastes good, is affordable, and good for the planet is actually pretty hard to come by, but these guys are incredible and close to home! Though Matcha Nude originates from Asheville, their matcha comes from Kagoshima, Japan, home to the active Sakurajima volcano, and one of the best growing regions. It is naturally soft and sweet in flavor and doesn’t need additional sweeteners.